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What Shapes A Good Husband?

Carrie You

Posted on July 25 2018

We meet all kinds of people everyday, men or women. Maybe some of them are good husbands and others are not. Here, Cloudstyle will compare this two types of husbands.



Good husbands are mature, not necessarily in terms of chronological age but in character.
They are good at leading. They never show their complaints easily and never tell difficulties
and suffering frequently, because they’re the head of family.

Bad husbands are babyish. They don’t know how to suppose their families. In addition,
they complain and criticize that things are not happening as what they want.



Good husbands are careful. You may find that the men who help their wives with cooking
or care for family are always praised by others.

Bad husbands are autocratic. They may bully people to obey them or to go along with their
plans, which show their immature.



Good husbands generous. When they are quarrelling with their wives, they will be generous and take the initiative to say sugared words to their wives. If they always haggle with their wife, then they will have a hard time in the future. Just think, life is always full of gunpowder, can they live a normal life?

Bad husbands are selfish. have no respect for women, consider them as inferior beings and make all decisions without any consultation from their wives. They portray all manner of petty behavior that include threats, belittling remarks, bullying. They are self-centered and always attribute faults to others when something goes wrong.



Good husbands are strict with themselves. No matter in what kind of occasions, they never lose
their own identities. What’s more, they will not let themselves be in liquor or let other female to
send them home, because they know that they are married and carry themselves as married men.

Bad husbands are unconscious in boundary. They still behave as if they are single, and not to keep
their distance from other female.




Good husbands have great vision. They view the family goals in the long term and make family
plans with a long-term vision. They know the way, go the way and lead the way.

Bad husband look only at the moment. They live for the here and now. Therefore, life may
surprise or frighten them from time to time. Or, they may miss good opportunities, because they
do not plan for it.


The above are some personal views. Different people have different opinions, Cloudstyle highly welcome all of you to leave your comments.




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