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Sweaters Not Only Against The Cold But Have The Madness Of Barbaric Growth

Carrie You

Posted on January 04 2019

Sweaters, as the standard match of maritime tough guy, first appeared in the 15th century at Guernsey of English channel. Originally, the sweaters are weaved by strong twist wool with the using of fine needle. They show box shape with tight weave, durable and wearproof.


Fishermen use it to protect themselves from the wind and waves of the sea. Because the sweater is close to the body and the material is gradually improved into natural wool without degreasing, which has the function of keeping warm, absorbing moisture and removing moisture. For the British people who live on the sea, this kind of sweater is the single product that spreaded to other islands along the coast most quickly.

sweater-against cold

Good things always get a good response. In those days, fishermen in some coastal cities like Ireland, Britain and northern Europe wore sweaters almost one for each person. Even in the 1920s, sweaters became the first holy communion clothes for Christian boys when they became Christians. With the introduction of sweaters into British "Galway" stores, the media also paid more attention to them. Later on, Patons released a sweater with knitting pattern for the first time, which was the first time that sweaters officially came into public attention.

first time come into public attention

The Old Man and the Sea is a story of a “tough guy”. An old and frail old fisherman under the condition of no harvest for 84 days, under the derision by others, he only pulled back a pair of big fish bones from the sea, after all the training. But his "tough guy" spirit shines brightly! He is not a loser, he is a hero in sweaters. And Hemingway said, "this is a true story from Cuba."

tough guy

The true story of the sweater, however, is that it is a legend that gold will glitter forever. At first, it looks like a savage teenager, and commented by a fashion magazine Tailor Magazine a hundred years ago: "whoever puts it on looks like a moron who doesn’t know manners."

But by the 19th century, a fitness craze swept the British aristocracy, cricket polo and other ball games into the wind, the aristocracy is in urgent need of a breathable and warm clothes, so the sweater was invited on the table.

ventilate and warm

More interestingly, after the first world war, when the world economy was in a collective depression, numerous middle-class families in Britain suddenly lost their comfortable living conditions. Therefore, the royal family, which maintained a luxurious life with the state Treasury, became the target of criticism. People accused the royal family of enjoying themselves and openly demanded cuts in royal spending.

The Britain’s prince of the duke of Windsor in a geometric pattern knitted sweater appeared at formal occasions, because of its inherent civilian attribute, sweater unexpectedly became the sharp weapon for royal family to appease people’s heart. Nearly a hundred years later, Gentlemen’s Encyclopaedia: Men’s Fashion In The Twentieth Century describes it that in the power of one man, the crown prince of England brightened the whole of England and the overseas islands.

appear at formal occasions

Along with the popularity of Europe, sweaters also witnessed the glory of American rock and roll in the last century. Originated in the United States in Seattle grunge music, the most famous band Nirvana, its leader singer Kurt·Cobain often match sweater with jeans and sneakers, and appear in all kinds of rock occasions. On the stage, Cobain, with a head of long and gold hair, in the melody of sobbing tone deductive "Where did you sleep last night", and ends the whole song with a loud roar.



It is not hard to find that in recent seasons fashion product, the color of the sweater and splicing combination is increasingly diverse. In irregular combination of deconstruction and the popularity of boyish style, sweater has gradually become the preferred modelling from against cold weather. The most eye-catching trick is that the sweater has been freed from the shackles of weaving techniques, and it becomes the first coat after combining multiple fabrics.


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