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Some Useful Tips | When You Choose or Buy a Suit

Carrie You

Posted on November 07 2018

- Do you remember when your first to wear a suit?

- Do you remember what your first suit look like?

- Is there any problem when you choose your first suit?

You may be overwhelmed the first time you wear a suit to attend a formal occasion. You may not know which suit could show your own style, which details need to pay attention to when dress a suit…

Today, I want to talk some tips about how to choose a suit.



Before buying a suit, what should you know?

No.1 Fabric

This is really important when you choose to buy a suit. Remember not to choose inferior fabric. Because they will get worse overtime, and also will have a rebarbative sheen under the light.

Remember: There is no right fabric, only the one that suits you best.



Wool is the most popular choice. Most wool suits are thin, and have a smooth surface and clear grain. You can grip material tightly and then release it, you will find it basically free from the wrinkle. Even slight creases can disappear in a short time. Wool belongs to the superior fabrics of suit fabrics.


3-Piece Notched Lapel Casual Suit 9 Colors


Polyester 67.9% + Viscose 31.2% + Spandex 0.9%

Blazer - Slim Fit, Single-breasted, Two Button, Notched Lapel, Back Center Vent
Pants - Flat Front Free Length Pants with Extended Waist Strap, Slanted Side Pockets, Back Insert Pocket
Vest - Single-breasted, 4-Button Peaked Vest with Two Pockets



It is regarded as the most luxurious fabric. The best cashmere fabrics come from Mongolia. The soft undercoat is not cut off, but collected when it falls off naturally, or carefully combed with a comb.


Linen fabrics are more suitable for leisure blazer or leisure suit. Although linen is very easy to wrinkle, there is a special beauty to it even it is winkled.

linen suit

Slim Fit Stylish Plaid Blazer 2 Colors


56% Polyester + 44% Viscose

Single-breasted, Two button, Notched Lapel, Solid color blazer, Two Welt Pockets, One Chest Pocket

Suitable for multi-occasion, like business, wedding, dates, prom, any fashion forward parties, any grandly holiday, banquet, etc.


No.2 Slim fit

It’s the most important thing about buying a suit. If you have enough money, that means you can buy a bespoke or customized suit, which is tailored to fit your body. If you are not rich, you can buy a ready-to-wear suit and take it to a tailor. A tailor can do things like adjusting the trouser hem and break, slimming the trouser legs or waist, etc. Through those steps, your suit would be much suitable than ever before.

cloudstyle-slim fit

3-Piece Slim Fit Plaid Suit 2 Colors


Cotton Polyester Blended

Blazer - Double-breasted, Two Button, Peaked Lapel with Buttonhole on it, Back Center Vent
Pants - Flat Front Free Length Pants Come with Slanted Side Pockets
Vest - 4 Buttons Peaked Bottom Vest with Adjustable Back


No.3 Lapel

Notched lapel is much more formal, if it is your first time to buy a suit, I recommend you to choose a suit with notched lapel. Because this kind of suit is easy to match, and suitable for most people.

Peaked lapel is usually used on double-breasted suit. If it is used on the single-breasted suit, the suit will look more gorgeous, which is not suitable for daily or business dressing.


3-Piece Slim Fit Plaid Wedding Suit 4 Colors


Cotton polyester blended

Suitable for Business, Interview, Prom, Event, Homecoming, Party, Work, Presentation, Wedding, Banquet, Dates, Daily Wear and other Formal Activities

3-Piece Slim Fit Plaid Business Suit Blue


Polyester 67.9% + Viscose 31.2% + Spandex 0.9%

Blazer - Single-breasted, Two Button, Peaked Lapel, Center Vent, Plaid Blazer
Pants - Flat Front Free Length Pants, Come with Slanted Side Pockets
Vest - 4 Buttons, Peaked Bottom Vest with Adjustable Back


No. 4 Color

For men, blue (navy, navy) or dark gray is recommended for their first time to buy a suit, which is suitable for both the meetings and casual wear. Black is appropriate for formal and solemn occasions, the second suit can consider to buy a black one.

Blue doesn’t have to be pure blue, and black doesn’t have to be pure black.



No. 5 Checked or Striped

First of all, I think solid color should be your first choice, because it can’t be the wrong item on any occasion. The second one can be checked or striped, depending on your preference.

2-Piece Slim Fit Double Breasted Stripe Suit Black


70% Polyester + 30% Viscose

Blazer - Slim Fit, Double-breasted, Two Button, Peaked Lapel, Two Flap Pockets
Pants - Flat Front Free Length Pants with Extended Waist Strap, Slanted Side Pockets, Back Insert Pocket


When wearing a suit, how should you match?

No.1 Tie

Ties come in a wide range of colors - blue, gray, dark red, black, and champagne. It is not recommended to buy tie with wave points for the first time. It is recommended to choose according to the color of suit and shirt, try to meet the needs of no more than three colors.

Classic Stripe Necktie


Polyester Silk

Matching this tie is quite easy. Best are dress shirts in white and blue, and suits in blue, gray and tan. If you are looking to combine more patterns to this tie then make sure to choose finer patterns such as small checks on shirts or narrow pin-stripes on suits.


No.2 Shirt

Shirt is the highlight of the overall suit, and choosing a right and suitable shirt is especially important. White or light color shirt would be the better, because your suit is blue or dark grey.

Slim Fit Pinstripe Shirt 3 Colors


100% Cotton

Ventilation, Quick-drying, Easy to clean, Soft, Cozy, Wear-resistant, Wrinkle-free,  Anti-bacterial

Suitable for Sports, Casual, Business Work, Date, Party, Perfect gift for families, friends and boyfriend


No.3 Belt

If the suit presents a sense of firmness and solemnity, you’d better to choose leather belts with business style. The traditional black is enough.

Business Belt 3 Choices


100% Cowhide Leather

EASY USE - Just slide the belt into the buckle and pull the belt through, the buckle simply auto locks the belt, to release the belt, gently push the lever on the side of the buckle and lock will snap. Simple, smooth and sleek!


No.4 Overcoat

With the winter coming, the weather becomes a little bit cold, right? This time you can match suit with a overcoat, which keeps you both warm and cool.

Slim Fit Solid Trench Coat 2 Colors


49.85% Wool + 34.3% Polyester + 6.1% Viscose + 5.6% Acrylic + 4.2% Other fiber

Suitable for Daily wear, Work, Interview, Party, Date, Travel, Business, Outings, Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Riding, Self driving, etc



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