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5 Important Things That A Woman Will Notice About A man

Carrie You

Posted on September 11 2018

We dress up ourselves not only cheer up ourselves, but also others. We will care about others' comments about us. 

As a man, you must pay great attention to comments from women, right?

In this blog, I'll share 5 important things that a woman will notice about a man.


No.1  Silhouette

A woman is going to make a determination of a man by his silhouette.

They will keep these questions in mind at first glance of a silhouette. Is this a man? Is this a woman?

They will look at your overall body built firstly. Therefore, what you need to do is to give women a strong masculine feel just simply with the look of your body.

You can do like this – putting on a jacket. A kind of leather jacket can build up one’s shoulders. And it also can make one’s arms and chest torso area look leaner. If you’re wearing a jacket, please always zip it up or button up.


Slim Fit Casual Warm Jacket Black


Cotton + Leather

Single-breasted, Zip Closure, Standing Collar

Suitable for multi-occasion, like business, wedding, dates, prom, any fashion forward parties, any grandly holiday, banquet, etc.

If you’re outside or in the office, you can choose a slim fit blazer jacket to wear and also button it up.


Slim Fit Business Blazer 5 Colors


80% Polyester + 20% Viscose

Single-breasted, One / Two button, Notched Lapel, Back center vent, Solid color blazer, Two Flap Pockets, One Chest Pocket

Suitable for multi-occasion, like business, wedding, dates, prom, any fashion forward parties, any grandly holiday, banquet, etc.

Or, wearing shirts are also going to basically build up your shoulders, chest area, etc.


Slim Fit Square Point Shirt White


40% Polyester + 60% Cotton

Ventilation, Quick-drying, Easy to clean, Soft, Cozy, Wear-resistant, Wrinkle-free,  Anti-bacterial

Suitable for Sports, Casual, Business Work, Date, Party, Perfect gift for families, friends and boyfriend



No.2  Clothing

Women will have a rough idea about your style and clothing with the first eyes quickly. They will look at the fit, the fabric and the function.

You want to have small style details to instantly send the signal “ Wow, this guy invest in himself and he actually looks really good. ”


3-Piece Slim Fit Casual Suit Grey


Polyester + Viscose 

Blazer - Slim Fit, Single-breasted, Two Button, Notched Lapel with One Buttonhole on it, Back Center Vent
Pants - Flat Front Free Length Pants with Extended Waist Strap, Slanted Side Pockets, Back Insert Pocket
Vest - Single-breasted, Five Button Peaked Vest with Two Pockets

Suitable for Business, Interview, Prom, Event, Homecoming, Party, Work, Presentation, Wedding, Banquet, Dates, Daily Wear and other Formal Activities; It is perfect to wear it matching with white shirts



No.3  Body movements

What you want to do here is just don’t do anything that’s going to surprise them.

If you don’t know them, please don’t put them off. You need to make sure your movements are smooth.

If a woman is looking at you , you’re looking at her, please don’t close yourself off. Be more open, and pay attention to your body language.



No.4  Face

Women will intend to look at men’s face for health reasons. Because they need to make a quick determination to make sure whether he is a suitable partner or is the right person they want to engage with.

But this not means to stare at someone. You can have some eye contacts with them instead, which they will notice immediately. Women can make a quick determination of your age through your facial hairs.


No.5  Smile

One of the easier things that gentlemen can control is smile. A man with simply an endearing smile is popular even he is not the most attractive guy.

You may say that your smile is not beautiful. But I want to say is that you can practice. Right! You can practice smiling with a mirror. When a woman looks at you, you can show her your big smile. This is the thing her notice first.


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